A Diamond Cut From Centuries Ago

So, you like princess cut diamonds, do you? Well, you’re in great company. Some of the most style savvy collectors opt for diamonds cut into square shapes. The luxurious square diamond shape has some serious historical roots dating back to the 14th century. So, in a real sense, the square cut diamond has held jewelry fans spellbound for hundreds of years. Its popularity lies in its particular facet diagram (the cutting pattern) that helps the stone reflect light back to the eye. It also has clean straight lines that keep it looking fresh and on trend no matter how old or new it is.

1.00-Carat Princess Cut Diamond
A 1 carat princess diamond from Blue Nile perfectly displays its characteristics.

First It Was A French Cut

Let’s take a brief overview of the history of square diamonds so you can appreciate this cut even more. It is thought that the earliest cutters who created square diamonds did so because they wanted to optimize the rough diamond crystals that often came in an octahedron shape. While a diamond crystal may be recovered in many configurations, it has a crystal habit of the octahedron shape—meaning it is often discovered