Which Features are Most Important on a Faceting Machine?

While in Tucson, Arizona for the big gem show I went to one of the larger manufacturers to look over their latest model. The machine had so many bells and whistles I suspect it could even make your morning coffee. A lady standing next to me and asked if I knew how to facet. I replied, “Yes, I have cut professionally for more than 18 years.” She then asked me if I could assist her. It seemed she was ready to purchase a faceting machine and needed some information before making her final purchase. Well the question wasn’t out of her mouth a split second when suddenly out of a cloud of dust a sales person appeared; before the dust could settle; “What are you going to use it for?” he asked .Now I understood this question and why it was asked but before I could get a word in edge wise she responded, “I am thinking of having it wire wrapped and wear it around my neck what the heck do you think I am going to use it for?”

The sales person could have asked; Do you plan to cut as a hobbyist or professional, for competition or, …

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