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Marketing Your Gems Online

Accurate descriptions and quality photographs are essential for marketing your gems online. Learn about options and best practices for improving your sales.

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The importance of providing honest and detailed descriptions when you’re marketing your gems online can’t be overstated. 

Some selling platforms, like the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA), actually list the disclosure requirements members must follow. For best practice, adhere to those requirements whether or not you’re selling on AGTA. 


There’s no pre-determined number of photos you should post with each listing. Just ensure you picture your gem from all the important angles and show any details of note from your description.

You can obtain photos of your gemstones in the following ways:

Hire a Professional Photographer

Taking high-quality photographs of your gems requires a lot of equipment: large-format cameras, tripods, backgrounds, lighting, and different types of lenses. It’s expensive. However, if you can absorb the cost in your profit calculations, hiring a professional photographer may be a smart choice for marketing your gems.

The right photos may encourage jewelers looking for gems online to ask for one of your stones on memo. Good photos will help your listings stand out. If the photos are sharp enough, some purchasers may even be willing to buy a stone outright without a memo, though this rarely happens. 

Use Your Own

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