Determining Gemstone Value, Price and Appraisals

How to price or obtain the value, price and appraisal of a gem or piece of gemstone jewelry.

Determining Gemstone Value, Price and Appraisals

  • Gem Price Guide

    Step 6: Appraising Lesson 3 Back to syllabus This is a guide to gem values based upon qualitative evaluations of things like, cut clarity, and color. Those evaluations are inherently subjective, and therefore the values/prices…

  • A Guide to Understanding the Inner Workings of the Gem Trade

    Understanding the players To understand the gem trade, first you have to understand who the players are.  To begin, we divide the players into tiers.  All tiers described below, are considered to be reputable wholesalers. These tiers do…

  • Helping Clients Inherit a Gemstone Collection

    Dealers are often the most trusted advisers on gemstones for their clients and their clients’ families. Here is how you can help support your clients and their families in handling gemstones both as a collection and as an investment.    …

  • Crystal Grove Diamond Mine
    Are diamonds really rare? Myths and misconceptions about diamonds

    Debunking the myths about diamonds. Why diamonds aren’t as precious as you think. Diamonds may be popular, but they are not rare. And we’ll tell you why.

  • Varieties of Quartz
    How Rare Is That Gem?

    Rarity is one of the most prized qualities of gemstones. However, it isn’’t clear to people just how rare a given gem is. All of them are rare, but some are much more so than others. The most common crystallized mineral is quartz. Even…

  • Purchasing Jewelry and Gemstone Insurance

    Before you purchase jewelry and gemstone insurance, be sure you understand how the policy works and what will happen should you make a claim. Ask your prospective insurance provider the following questions. Can I Choose The Jeweler Who Will Replace…

  • 6.42 carat "Spinel" - First Picture from the Jeweler
    Making Money Investing in Gems

    Top 5 Rules to live by when investing in gems to make money and generate a return. Gems can be a good investment if you follow these rules!

  • jewelers' pricing survey - silver and garnet
    Jewelers’ Pricing Survey 

    The International Gem Society (IGS) ran a jewelers’ pricing survey in 2002 and 2012. Over those ten years, we saw significant changes in the world’s economy. As a result, these surveys are valuable for comparing prices in strong and weak economic conditions.

  • chrysoberyl varieties - color-change chrysoberyl
    Is My Alexandrite Just A Color-Change Chrysoberyl?

    We’ve received a number of questions from gem enthusiasts and buyers about the “true” color of alexandrite. We’ve also received questions about the color change needed for a reputable gemological lab to classify a chrysoberyl gem correctly…

  • How Gold is Quoted, Priced, and Discussed in the Jewelry Trade

    Knowing that gold is valuable and that there is a daily gold price id fine, but it’s not enough. There are a few other elements that need to fall within your familiarity. Consider weight. Gold and the metals used for alloying with gold are…

  • Relationship Between the Price of Gold and the Price of Your Jewelry

    The price relationship between a fine piece of gold jewelry and the gold content generally isn’t all that predictably strict anyway. It’s true that as the ounce price of gold rises or falls there is somewhat of a price shift – admittedly, this…

  • Underkarating fraud in the jewelry trade

    In the last few years the sale of gold jewelry has been consistently making headlines over this issue of underkarating. What’s happening is that, despite federal laws to the contrary, many merchants are advertising and promoting sales of gold at a…

  • gem buyers - custom cut tourmalines
    How Can Gem Buyers Protect Themselves from Fraud?

    Two major problems plague the cut gemstone market: undisclosed gem treatments and substitutions of synthetic for natural gems. Gem buyers need to know these practices occur every day. They must learn how to protect themselves from fraud.

  • chrome tourmaline buying - fancy oval
    Chrome Tourmaline Buying Guide

    Rare chrome tourmaline can show an emerald-like green color. With a highly desired color and tourmaline’s excellent jewelry stone qualities, this gem ranks as one of the top commercial stones on the market today.

  • Indicolite - Brazil
    Blue Tourmaline (Indicolite) Buying Guide

    Blue tourmalines or indicolites are a popular jewelry stone. However, some of these gems are often misrepresented.

  • rubellite buying guide - pendant
    Rubellite Tourmaline Buying Guide

    Like all tourmaline gemstones, rubellite wears well in almost any type of jewelry. This stone’s raspberry-like color draws a great deal of attention. Rubellite is one of the most popular gems on the market today.

  • verdelite - pear cut
    Green Tourmaline (Verdelite) Buying Guide

    Looking for a tourmaline jewelry stone? If you like green and you’re on a budget, green tourmaline or verdelite is the gem for you.

  • Ruby and Sapphire – Identifying Origin

    This article covers in great detail the various geographic regions where Ruby and Sapphire (Gem Corundum) are found.  Since geographic origin is significant when determining value, this article may assist those wishing to understand the value…

  • Product Review, Opal Smart Chart

    The joy of opals is that there is always something new to be discovered. They are the most unique of all gemstones with a constantly varying display of types, colors and patterns. While this variety makes them a joy to work with, it also makes them…

  • Product Review, Opal The Smart Chart 

    The joy of opals is that there is always something new to be discovered. They are the most unique of all gemstones with a constantly varying display of types, colors and patterns. While this variety makes them a joy to work with, it also makes…

  • gem appraisal - topaz
    Basic Gem Appraisal Terms: What is Value?

    Many people assume that a gem appraisal sets a definitive price for an item. Actually, the price depends on the type of appraisal done and can consist of four different types of values.

  • appraising gems - tanga garnet
    Appraising Gems and Jewelry 

    Appraising gems and jewelry involves opinions of value based on knowledge and research. Learn what information gemologists should include on their appraisal forms.

  • Appraising Opals 

    Step 4: Gem Grading Lesson 17 Back to syllabus Gemologists can determine the color, clarity, and cut grades of gems like diamonds and rubies reasonably well and usually with a consensus. Disagreements on borderline cases are…

  • Just Ask Jeff: Sunstone Descriptions and Pricing…

    Are gem stone certificates worth anything? Keep in mind that these are my personal opinions and experiences, other people may have different ones. The short answer is some times… But often NO gem stone certificates are not worth the…

  • gem pricing - amethyst
    Gem Pricing Advice for Faceters 

    Novice gem cutters often ask me about gem pricing. They want to know how to determine a fair price for what they cut. This is never an easy question.

  • gemstone value - tourmaline Tanzania
    Advice for Determining Gemstone Value 

    Many new gemologists buy low-quality gems believing they’ve found a real bargain. However, judging gemstone value is very complex.

  • Exposing Overgrading at European Gemological Laboratory (EGL)

    On September 9, 2014, the Rapaport Group issued a press release stating, ‘Effective October 1, 2014, EGL will no longer be listed as a diamond grading report on RapNet. This notice applies to all EGL grading reports including EGL International as…

  • Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Gems And Jewelry?

    Your homeowner’s insurance policy likely includes some coverage for gems and jewelry. However, you should determine both the limits of that coverage and the value of your collection. Don’t just assume that coverage will be sufficient in case of…

  • Gem And Jewelry Insurance Quotes

    Are you in the market for gem and jewelry insurance? If you’ve had your items appraised and gone through our list of important questions for your insurer, you’re ready to consider gem and jewelry insurance quotes. You’ll pay gladly for the…

  • Jewelry And Gemstone Appraisals For Insurance

    If you need more coverage for jewelry and gemstones than your homeowner’s insurance policy offers, getting jewelry and gemstone appraisals is the first step to securing your personal collection. What Is A Jewelry Or Gemstone Appraisal? An…

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