How to price or obtain the value, price and appraisal of a gem or piece of gemstone jewelry.

Gem Price Guide

A comprehensive price guide for gemstones. Up to date pricing information for hundreds of gemstone varieties based on color, cut, clarity and size.

jewelry store employee - gem trade
A Guide to Understanding the Inner Workings of the Gem Trade

Based on interviews with gem trade experts, this series of FAQs addresses many topics, such as gem value, investing, insurance, and collecting.

moonstone - gemstone collection
Helping Clients Inherit a Gemstone Collection

Gem dealers are often their clients' most trusted advisers on gem matters. Learn how to help clients and their families who inherit a gemstone collection.

diamond myths - yellow gold and diamonds
Are Diamonds Really Rare? Diamond Myths and Misconceptions

Diamonds are popular gemstones surrounded by popular misconceptions. We'll tell you how they became so prized and debunk some of those diamond myths, too.

Varieties of Quartz
How Rare Is That Gem?

Rarity is one of the most prized qualities of gemstones. But some gems are far more rare than others! This article helps explain what's rare and what isnt.

Purchasing Jewelry and Gemstone Insurance

Before you buy jewelry and gemstone insurance, learn what to ask insurance companies and make sure the policy meets your needs.

6.42 carat "Spinel" - First Picture from the Jeweler
Making Money Investing in Gems

Top 5 Rules to live by when investing in gems to make money and generate a return. Gems can be a good investment if you follow these rules!

jewelers' pricing survey - silver and garnet
Jewelers' Pricing Survey

The IGS Jewelers' Pricing Survey reports markups and labor costs from 2002 and 2012. See how both strong and weak economic conditions affect jewelry prices.

chrysoberyl varieties - color-change chrysoberyl
Is My Alexandrite Just A Color-Change Chrysoberyl?

Buyer beware! Not all color-change chrysoberyl is alexandrite. Learn the classic color ranges of true alexandrite and avoid being scammed by marketers.

jeweler's markup - gold pendant
How to Calculate the Jeweler's Markup for Gold Jewelry

If you learn the meaning of the trade terms for gold weight and karat, you can calculate the gold content value of any item as well as the jeweler's markup.

Relationship Between the Price of Gold and the Price of Your Jewelry

Understanding how the price of an underlying jewelry metal, such as gold, impacts the price of your finished jewelry.

Underkarating fraud in the jewelry trade

Underkarating is a fraudulent practice whereby a jeweler represents a piece of jewelry or gold as containing more precious metal than it actually does.

gem buyers - custom cut tourmalines
How Can Gem Buyers Protect Themselves from Fraud?

How can gem buyers avoid undisclosed gem treatments and substitutions? Learn why it's best to deal with expert gem cutters rather than commercial dealers.

chrome tourmaline buying - fancy oval
Chrome Tourmaline Buying Guide

Our chrome tourmaline buying guide can help you learn how these gems are graded, what to avoid, and how to identify a high quality stone.

rubellite buying guide - pendant
Rubellite Tourmaline Buying Guide

Our rubellite buying guide can help you learn how rubellites are graded, what to avoid, and how to identify a high quality stone or a bargain in the rough.

verdelite - pear cut
Green Tourmaline (Verdelite) Buying Guide

Our verdelite buying guide can help you learn how verdelites are graded, what to avoid, and how to identify a high quality stone or a bargain in the rough.

Ruby and Sapphire - Identifying Origin

This article covers in great detail the various geographic regions where Ruby and Sapphire are found, and considers rarity based on country of origin.

Product Review, Opal Smart Chart

The newest thing in the opal world is the Opal Smart Chart. This is a software package designed to help you value your opals. It has two segments.

Product Review, Opal The Smart Chart

The newest thing in the opal world is the Opal Smart Chart. This is a software package designed to help you value your opals. It has two segments.

gem appraisal - topaz
Basic Gem Appraisal Terms: What is Value?

For a gem appraisal, what does value mean? Learn how different definitions factor into appraisals and affect gem and jewelry insurance coverage.

appraising gems - tanga garnet
Appraising Gems and Jewelry

Appraising gems and jewelry involves opinions of value based on knowledge and research. Learn what information gemologists should provide for appraisals.

Appraising Opals

Opals are unique gems with their own unique terminology. Learn the modern standard system for classifying and appraising opals used by major gem labs.

artificially colored blue agate - gemstone certificates
Gemstone Certificates

Can you rely on gemstone certificates to reveal everything that can affect the value of pricey gems? Learn what to look for when you have a gem certified.

gem pricing - amethyst
Gem Pricing Advice for Faceters

Gem pricing isn't easy, and guidelines aren't always fixed. Learn what factors gem cutters should consider to determine a fair price for their work.

gemstone value - tourmaline Tanzania
Advice for Determining Gemstone Value

Judging gemstone value is complex. New gemologists can have trouble with this. These four examples will show you how to identify the best gems.

assorted diamonds - diamond overgrading
Exposing Diamond Overgrading at EGL Labs

The effects of the 2014 scandal over diamond overgrading at EGL labs are still emerging. Learn what gemologists and retailers can do to prevent overgrading.

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Gems And Jewelry?

Your homeowner’s insurance may cover gems and jewelry, but don’t assume it covers all risks or the value of your items. Ask your insurer these questions.

Gem And Jewelry Insurance Quotes

How can you get lower gem and jewelry insurance quotes? Asking a potential insurer these few questions could help lower your premiums.

Jewelry And Gemstone Appraisals For Insurance

Need insurance for your jewelry? You’ll need jewelry and gemstone appraisals. Learn what info they should include and who to trust with your collection.

artificial lighting for gems - lights in a jewelry shop
Finding the Best Artificial Lighting for Gems: Buying, Selling, and Grading

Gemstones are creatures of light. Learn how lighting impacts gem sales and get recommendations for high-quality artificial lighting for gems.