Attend Local Gemology Programs or Workshops

Although, obviously, we’re biased towards the IGS Professional Gemologist course, we recognize that online learning programs have limits. In-person programs can offer some unique additional benefits, such as your connections with your classmates. These relationships may form the foundation of your professional network of gem trade contacts.

If you’re enrolled in the IGS Professional Gemologist course, look for gemology-focused weekend workshops in your area. These may be offered at community colleges, trade schools, or recreational centers. Or, if you’re a more advanced student of gemology, consider leading a workshop yourself. Local jewelers — with their own professional networks — may show up and add you to their gem trade contacts.

Take a Class in a Major Gem Trade City

If you have the time and money, consider taking a class in a city with a thriving gem market. For example, Bangkok is an ideal option because it’s one of the global epicenters of the gem trade. Thailand has produced rubies and sapphires for hundreds of years, and the Thai gem-trading community in Chanthaburi has pioneered the heat-treatment industry for over 40 years. In Bangkok or Chanthaburi, students can visit mines, heat treatment facilities,…