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Top Five Gemstone Investments for 2024

What are the top gemstone investments for 2024? Learn why these five gems, some well-known and some less so, are poised to increase in value.

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Tanzanian spinels - gemstone investments
Photo © Gemstock. Used with permission.

About Gemstock and Gemstone Investments

For more than five years, we at Gemstock have tracked gemstone price indicators affecting value swings, such as:

  • Occurrence frequency for rare stones
  • Percentage of stones with and without treatment
  • Percentage of stones from different mining regions
  • The impact of varying carat weight categories, cut quality, clarity level, and color (including trade colors) on value
  • Gemological reports from different well-known laboratories
  • Growth in global demand
  • Supply changes
  • Any changes in mining areas

We’ve analyzed more than 90,000 gemstones since 2018. Each analysis below uses 2018 as the baseline year.

Here are our top five picks for gemstone investments in 2024.

Paraíba Tourmaline

The price of paraíbas — the rarest and most expensive copper-bearing variety of tourmaline from Brazil, Mozambique, and Nigeria — has been growing for the last 30 years. (Paraíba mining began in 1989). I made my first paraíba tourmaline deals in 2012. I clearly remember how expensive this stone seemed to me at the time. Its price ranged from hundreds of dollars per carat for good-quality stones to $2,000 per carat for high-quality stones.

paraiba values - gemstone investments
Chart © Gemstock. Used with permission.

Over the last decade, paraíba

Ilya Podnebesny

Ilya Podnebesny is a Graduate Gemologist, colored gemstone expert, and founder of Gemstock. Before founding Gemstock, he was an investment consultant and authored an educational course for jewelry companies.

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