Noel Oval by Jeff R. Graham

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Design 2008/2009 (for all of my customers)

“Noel Oval” – Cutting Remarks

People ask me all the time for a good quality oval with good performance, that is easy enough to cut for a new beginning faceter. The “Noel Oval” is a very nice design that I have cut for many years in one variation or another.

This design works in any saturation and color. I designed it for some low aspect L/W nodule Tourmaline years ago that I bought. Originally this design was for some Afghanistan material that was common at the time (not any more) and I bought several parcels of it (Tourmaline being one of my favorites).

It seems like I have a lot of rough that fits this L/W and while this design is not meant to be cut large (say over 6 carats) it certainly can be and makes a very pretty stone.

Enjoy cutting your “Noel Oval”… Drop me an email to let me know your results and what you’ve cut, or feel free to inquire if you have any questions or need some help regarding this design.

Random – Cosine – ISO

Detailed faceting instructions by Jeff Graham available at The Rock Peddler