Product Review, Achiever Microscope

Achiever Microscope

$259 + $10 Shipping GreatScopes P.O. Box 1948 Jamestown, NC 27282 (336) 454-6361

Achiever MicroscopeFeatures: • Dual 10x wide field eyepieces, fully adjustable for both children and adults to look into • Your choice of paired 1x and 3x objectives (yielding 10 and 30 power) or 2x and 4x objectives (yielding 20 and 40 power) • The dual eyepieces and paired objectives result in 3-D viewing • Inclined binocular head rotates a full 360 degrees for comfortable viewing • Helical rack and pinion focusing with tension adjustment and slip clutch to protect gear system • Stage area can view objects as tall as 60 mm • Finish is acid and reagent resistant • 110 mm x 150 mm stage has a 75 mm stage plate. Stage plate is frosted glass with fluorescent light beneath • The Achiever is: 12.75 inches High 9 inches Long 6.5 inches

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