Product Review, Sony Cyber-shot

A Product Review on Sony Cyber-shot. Overall, it is an excellent camera and I was surprised by the low cost.The image quality is excellent at any resolution

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I have been thoroughly dissatisfied with my previous digital cameras. A few times I have thought of upgrading, but my research was discouraging. In the rush to add more features, battery life was low and the cameras were complicated and difficult to operate. Prices for the better cameras were well over $1000 and, from what I saw, most were not well suited for gem photography.

As an alternative, I learned how to take gem images with my scanner. It sometimes took a great deal of adjusting to get the colors correct, but it served its purpose. My scanner recently died and I replaced it with a contemporary unit with much higher resolution. However, it was not suitable for large gems. It took good images of small stones, but if there was much depth involved it failed to capture the colors properly.

As a result, I went shopping for another digital camera. I was pleasantly surprised to find that digital cameras have finally come of age.


I decided on a 5 megapixel, Sony Cyber-shot. Overall, it is an excellent camera and I was surprised by the low cost. This camera is in the $300 range; way down from just a couple…

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