Title: Faceting a Pin-wheel Pear Shape, With Bill Vance

Length: 90 minutes

By: Almar Video, Tape #9F

“Well that’s for me!” I thought.  I already had one video on faceting a round brilliant put out by the Graves Company.  The Graves video is a good clear video that teaches and is worth looking at more than once. This is what I was wanted in the next video. Unfortunately, that is exactly what I did not get.

On the quality of the video: There were many frames of video showing the back of the cutter’s head filling more than half the screen. Then there were a number of scenes in which, just as the camera began to zoom onto the stone, the stone is inexplicably moved out of the field of view while the faceter continued with the narration, referring to the stone all the time.

Throughout the video, the camera zooms onto the stone that never comes into focus. At least once, the camera just seems to wander away from the subject as though it had, it self, become bored with the whole thing and was looking for better subject matter.

On the quality of instruction: I am a novice…