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Beginner 5 Units 22 Lessons

About this Course

Are you entranced by emerald greens? If this velvety gem draws your attention, you’ll love this course. Take an in-depth look at emeralds, from how they form to how to appraise them. Looking to buy or sell an emerald? Learn about treatments and evaluating emerald quality. Every emerald connoisseur will learn something new in this course.

Who is this course for?

  • Hobbyists: Learn how to evaluate emeralds
  • Consumers: Learn how to choose an emerald for jewelry
  • Professionals: Think you know emeralds? Test your knowledge!

What this course offers

  • Brand new emerald articles in our Reference Library, including a recent interview with renowned emerald expert, Jeffrey Bergman
  • Gain specialized knowledge on emerald that will help you to build your gemology skills
  • Complete the mini-course at your own pace as you balance personal and professional commitments
  • Test your knowledge: To earn the IGS Emerald Badge, take one 25 question quiz

Why take this course?

A flexible and affordable mini-course from one of the top online gemology schools.

Enroll in the IGS Emerald Mini-course and gain specialized knowledge about one of the most popular gemstones. Build expertise in 5 core areas — emerald formation and properties, how to choose an emerald, emerald care and repair, distinguishing synthetic and simulant emeralds, and grading emeralds — while learning through articles and visuals. This completely online mini-course is an affordable way to pursue your hobby or build a career in gemology.

Course Roadmap

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Units and Lessons

Unit 1 - Introduction to Emerald

Ready to learn about emeralds? This classic green gem has sparked wars and won countless hearts. In this unit, you’ll learn about emerald formation and its physical properties. You’ll also read some amazing emerald stories and learn why the many different origins of emerald can make things complicated.

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Unit 2 - How to Choose an Emerald

If you’re in the market for an emerald, you’ll need to delicately balance the quality and size of the gem with your budget. To make matters worse, slight differences in color can have a huge impact on price. Whether the emeralds are for an engagement ring or other fine jewelry, explaining these differences in price and navigating quality, size, and budget will give you and your clients better options.

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Unit 3 - Emerald Care and Repair

Although it’s not a soft stone, emerald has some major durability issues. Learn how to keep your emerald looking great – and what to do if something goes wrong.

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Unit 4 - Distinguishing Synthetic and Simulant Emerald

Is that green stone really an emerald? There are plenty of emerald imitations on the market. To make matters even more complicated, lab-made emeralds have been on the market for decades. Learn how to discern lab-made emeralds and emerald lookalikes.

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Unit 5 - Grading Emeralds

Grading and appraising emeralds isn’t always straightforward. In this unit, you’ll take a look at a simple way to grade emerald clarity and get into the specifics of appraising emeralds. Learn how the Four Cs and emerald treatments can impact pricing for the king of green gems.

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