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Jewelry Metals

Learn about the various types of precious metals used in gemstone jewelry including rings, necklaces and more.

Jewelry Silver Content

For jewelry use, silver is often mixed with other metals. Learn how silver content varies between alloys and how to test an item’s silver purity.…

Polishing Metals: An Introduction

Getting a brilliant polish is one of the most important steps to finishing fine jewelry. Learn the tools and techniques you’ll need for polishing…

Soldering Precious Metals

Soldering is one of the most useful techniques a metal smith can have. It is used both to create new pieces and to repair damaged jewelry.

Robert Casting Platinum

This is a quickie, the day the Kraft Masters were setting up Robert who is the plant manager at Precious Metals West casting platinum.

Mokume-Gane Metal Techniques

Mokume-Gane Metal Techniques with James Binnion. This is a very old technique of fusing various different metals together using pressure and…

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