One of the major reasons for attending Kraftwerks is to learn what is new in the industry. This year was no different. Milling Platinum Sterling (925) – A New Alloy

Milled metal and billetA billet of Platinum Sterling 925 (on the right in the picture) was milled out to .15 mm thickness (less than a playing card thick) with absolutely no annealing. This brand new alloy is called Platinum Sterling, and is mostly fine silver with a modifier of Platinum in it (4-6%). There is also a small amount of copper (a few %). At this point the alloy composition is still pretty much a secret because the refiner’s are still in the process of acquiring patents.

This year at Kraftwerks the refiners of a brand new alloy were there to demonstrate this new and very interesting metal.

The inventor of Platinum Sterling is Marc “Doc” Robinson, he is the guy running the mill. He is currently the Technical Director of Far East Operations at ABI Precious Metals. As a note of interest Doc was the original founder of Kraftwerks.

As you may guess this new alloy is going to be a major new thing in jewelry manufacturing and currently the Asian jewelry