Clarity Grading for Colored GemstonesClarity Grading for Colored Gemstones

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Clarity Grading for Colored Gemstones

No two gems are alike, especially with regards to clarity. Each stone presents a unique set of properties to balance. Since clarity involves so many variables, experts frequently disagree (but rarely by more than one grade).

However, before delving into definitions and techniques, you need to understand how discussing clarity affects gem sales.

Clarity Grading and Gem Sales

Many customers will likely ask you about a gemstone’s “flaws” and “imperfections.” And so they should. However, keep in mind that negative words can create obstacles. How you describe a stone’s clarity can make or break a sale. Each customer has different needs. Try to turn clarity into a positive sales element. Instead of implying a gem has deficiencies, make a point to use the term “inclusions.”

Emphasize the Positive

For example, years ago jewelers adapted the French word jardin for “garden” to describe inclusions in emeralds. Sounds much better than “flawed,” right?

Explain to your customers that gems, just like people, are never perfect. Receding hairlines and excess weight don’t reflect the value of individuals, how much their families love them, or what they can accomplish. Tell your customers the only bad inclusions for gemstones are fractures and parting. Then, emphasize…

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The late Donald Clark, CSM founded the International Gem Society in 1998. Donald started in the gem and jewelry industry in 1976. He received his formal gemology training from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the American Society of Gemcutters (ASG). The letters “CSM” after his name stood for Certified Supreme Master Gemcutter, a designation of Wykoff’s ASG which has often been referred to as the doctorate of gem cutting. The American Society of Gemcutters only had 54 people reach this level. Along with dozens of articles for leading trade magazines, Donald authored the book “Modern Faceting, the Easy Way.”

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