Jewelers’ Pricing SurveyJewelers’ Pricing Survey

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Jewelers’ Pricing Survey

Major Differences Between 2002 and 2012

The two surveys posed identical questions. In our initial jewelers pricing survey, we found the most common markup on stones, findings, and finished jewelry was 200%, three times the cost. In 2012, the markups were noticeably smaller. However, gold prices were about four times higher in 2012 than in 2002.

Labor charges increased in most categories but not significantly. Most notably, we found jewelers used less hired help in 2012 than in 2002.

Businesses Covered in the Jewelers Pricing Survey

In both surveys, most respondents were located in the United States, with a few responses from Europe. We found no significant differences in their prices.

Only a couple of replies came from primarily Internet-based businesses. Although their prices ranged from the same as conventional stores to considerably less, the sample was too small to be of value.

Merchandise Markups: Jewelers Pricing Survey Results

High-End Gems

  • 2002: The markups ranged from 100% to 200%, with the higher markup more common. One dealer reported using a range of 10% up to 200%, regardless of the cost.
  • 2012: The markups ranged from 25% to 200%, with 100% the most

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