Lesson 10: Opal Symbolism

For centuries, opal symbolism and lore included associations with kings and good luck. However, in modern times, this gemstone has become the object of many negative superstitions. All but the black opal have acquired a reputation for being unlucky. Although the beauty and uniqueness of opals have helped their owners disregard the superstitions, they persist.

Why Opals Got A Bad Rap

In The Curious Lore of Precious Stones, the mineralogist George Kunz identified what changed the popular perception of opal. In Sir Walter Scott’s 1829 novel, Anne of Geierstein, an enchanted princess wore an equally enchanted opal adornment in her hair. The stone changed color to reflect her moods and tempers. At the story’s climax, holy water sprinkled on the opal put out its fire. And so, the lady perished.

Take one tale of misfortune befalling an opal wearer. Combine with the fact that many gem cutters refuse …

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