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spinel engagement ring - trillion-cut lilac spinel
Tim wanted Riley’s engagement ring to look like a helmet faceplate. The idea for the main setting was less about sparkle and more about a smooth, ovoid surface that looks like it has depth. The 1.92-ct, trillion-cut lilac spinel achieved that. Photo by CustomMade. Used with permission.

What are the Most Popular Colors for Spinel Engagement Ring Stones?

In its pure form, spinel is colorless, but this occurs very rarely in nature. Instead, trace elements — like iron, chromium, and cobalt — can create various colors. In fact, you can find spinels in almost every color except pure green and yellow. What are the most popular colors? Not surprisingly, the most traditionally popular hues for colored gemstones — red and blue — top the list for spinels, but you’ll also find trending colors like pink and purple.

spinels in various colors
Spinels in various colors. Photo © Joel E. Arem, PhD, FGA. Used with permission.


Spinels can show red colors that rival rubies. Historically, red spinels were even considered a highly prized type of ruby: balas ruby. You may still find spinels with ruby-like colors sold as “ruby spinels.” It wasn’t until the late 1700s that scientists recognized spinel as a

Emily Frontiere

Emily Frontiere is a GIA Graduate Gemologist. She is particularly experienced working with estate/antique jewelry.

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