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Turquoise Buying Guide

Turquoise Buying Tips

Before you make a major purchase, learn the nuances of turquoise buying.

Turquoise is popular and readily available on the market. However, most turquoise gemstones receive treatments and enhancements, and many makers use “reconstituted turquoise,” a highly processed gem material, in their jewelry.

Of course, connoisseurs seek rare and extraordinary natural specimens. Many specific mines have aficionados who prize particular colors and matrix patterns and are willing to pay a premium for their favorites. On the other hand, if you aren’t a collector and are just looking for a beautiful turquoise piece that appeals to you, you can easily find something affordable if you’re not concerned with purchasing the most coveted type of turquoise from a specific source.

Since most turquoises receive some enhancements, make sure you understand the common types of turquoise treatments so you can determine what you’re willing to accept.

Turquoise Buying and the Four Cs

The IGS turquoise value listing has price guidelines for turquoise cabochons.


This copper mineral is famous for its blue hues, but shades of blue-green, green, and even yellowish green also occur. Typically, a bright blue color with little green commands the highest values….

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