Anniversary Gifts By YearAnniversary Gifts By Year

Anniversary Gifts By Year

The anniversary gift for year 1 is gold, and the anniversary gift for year 2 is garnet. Our chart tells you the best gemstone anniversary gifts by year.

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Anniversary Gifts By Year

Anniversary Jewelry

The concept of anniversary gifts is nothing new. Some trace it as far back as Ancient Roman times. Others say that the Victorian Era - a period that emphasized the importance of love in a marriage - cemented the tradition of anniversary gifts.

Unlike gemstones designated as birthstones, there is no official list of gemstones that should be gifted for wedding anniversaries. However, organizations like the GIA and Jewelers of America developed a list that has become an accepted guide. 

First Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts: Gold Jewelry 

Many associate a gift of gold jewelry with the 50th wedding anniversary, but gold jewelry marks the first year of marriage, too. The gold jewelry symbolizes both happiness in the present and hope for the future. 

Second Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts: Garnet Jewelry

Garnets represent the traditional second anniversary gift. There are over 20 species of garnets, and some are very rare. Imagine your loved one's surprise when you gift them a rare green demantoid garnet that sparkles more than a diamond!

Third Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts: Pearl Jewelry

Pearls are considered to be the official third anniversary gemstone, making them a great third anniversary gift idea if you are looking for an elegant gift that still honors anniversary gifting traditions.

Fourth Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts: Blue Topaz Jewelry

Blue Topaz is the official fourth anniversary gemstone. Blue topaz represents eternal love and loyalty, so it is only fitting to gift this gem on your anniversary to represent your lifelong commitment.

Fifth Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts: Sapphire Jewelry

Sapphire is the official fifth anniversary gemstone, making it a wonderful gift to honor anniversary gift traditions with a twist of modern glamour. Sapphire is famous for its vivid blue color, but the gem also comes in a variety of colors ranging from a luscious pink to vibrant green. 

Sixth Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts: Amethyst Jewelry

Amethyst is the official sixth anniversary gemstone. Amethysts have a rich history and symbolism, making them a wonderfully meaningful anniversary gift to represent your own romance. The stunning purple gem is relatively affordable and an excellent choice to gift a gorgeous gem that won't break the bank.

Check back soon for more information on more anniversary gifts by year!

AnniversaryGemstoneReady-to-wear Gift IdeasCustom Made Gift Ideas
1stGold Jewelry
4thBlue Topaz
7thYellow Sapphire
18thCat's eye
23rdImperial Topaz
25thSilver Jubilee
30thPearl Jubilee
50thGolden Jubilee

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