Out Back Mining Company

Oregon Sunstone Mining: Out Back Mining Company

Note: These pictures are compliments of Derek at Out Back Mining and Faceters.com.

Out Back Mining

Above: Stormy weather in the high Oregon desert.

The pit

Above: Digging in the pit.

The pit

Above: The pit (Derek).

The equipment

Above: Processing equipment.

Processing the Sunstone

Above:Processing and screening the Sunstone.

Sorting Sunstone

Above: Sorting Sunstone.

The miners

Above: The desert rats (miners).

Red Sunstone

Above:186 carat red Sunstone.


Above: Watermelon Sunstone.

Red Sunstone

Above: Red Sunstone.

Watermelon Sunstone

Above:Watermelon Sunstone.

Schiller watermalon Sunstone

Above: Schiller Watermelon Sunstone.

Top schiller watermelon Sunstone

Above: Top schiller watermelon Sunstone.

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