Round cut diamonds have been around for centuries. As a timeless diamond cut, they offer exceptional resilience in popularity when compared to other shapes. Buying a round diamond engagement ring is both exciting and intimidating. Exciting because you want a ring that best captures your love for your partner, yet intimidating because of all the options available. You are not alone. Making the right choice is possible, it just takes time and doing a bit of research to find the perfect ring.  This is where we can help!  Use our guide to assist you in your choice and narrow down to some of the best round engagement rings on the market for your budget.

When buying a round diamond engagement ring, consider a blend between the center stone’s cut and clarity. The cut will give you excellent symmetry and guarantee your stone sparkles, while clarity, especially eye clarity, will ensure the stone has no noticeable inclusions.

Round diamonds are an excellent choice if you want symmetry and versatility in terms of choice of setting. With 58 facets, round diamonds have one of the highest fire and brilliance levels among diamond fancy shapes. Besides, round diamonds, as one of the most