Cluster Engagement Ring by CustomMade
Find this Ringat CustomMadeThe only limit to CustomMade engagement rings is the customer’s imagination. © CustomMade. Used with permission.

CustomMade is definitely unique amongst online jewelry sellers. Mostly because they don’t “sell” anything. Instead, they actually MAKE every item, truly from scratch every single time. This means you get a higher quality item and something that truly is unique. They focus mostly on engagement rings and wedding bands, but they also make some amazing signet rings and other specialty jewelry.

While many online jewelers claim to do “custom” they’re really just allowing you to “mix and match” different components to blend together a ring. If you want a version of the same ring everyone else has, this can work well. But if you want to do anything special or unique, you kind of need someone willing to start from scratch and do it right. That’s what CustomMade does.

It’s a very different approach…. basically CustomMade has an entire team at your disposal to help you create the perfect engagement ring. They have on-staff sketch artists (to sketch ideas with you), CAD designers, jewelry consultants, and of course jewelers. They make everything here in the United States, and their quality control is top