Faceting Survey Results – Polishing – Comments

Below are a number of comments, instructions, and hints that I thought would be of interest.  Enjoy:)

Tin Lead lap with Linde A will polish more types of stone than any other, so I always try it first if a problem arises, The new Aluminum oxide Ultralaps work so well mounted on a diamond finishing lap for most of the stones I have cut recently, I have starteed using then mearly exclusively. I generally can polish all the facets of 6-or more stones of about .5-1 centimeter in size, before it is worn to the point I worry about slicing into it. A little CeO dampened around in the center and brought out to the polishing area with a finger wetted by water dripping on the outer edge of the lap is often used to maintain the polishing efficiency for stones like Beryl


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