How To Cut A Fantasy Gemstone

This is an overview of the steps, techniques, and tools for cutting a fantasy gemstone. To demonstrate the procedure for beginners, I chose a very flawed ametrine from my junk rough box. Since it’s a relatively large stone, I hope the facets and carvings are easy to identify in the pictures.

ametrine rough views - fantasy gemstone 1
A flawed piece of rough, like this ametrine, is a good choice for practice cutting your first fantasy gemstone.

The first part of the fantasy cutting process is to cut a finished stone. The second part is to carve it. Typically, freeforms are used. Although the stone is a freeform, the techniques are the same as faceting any other stone.

Cutting A Fantasy Gemstone Pavilion

Start with the pavilion.

Step 1

Determine where the table will be placed and grind a flat for dopping as shown below.

grind a flat - fantasy gemstone 2

Step 2

Dop the stone as shown here. I used …

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