Opal Polishing Survey Results

opal polishing - boulder opal bead
“Boulder Opal Bead” by Opals-on-black.com. Licensed under CC By 2.0.

Editor’s Note: Some years ago, the International Gem Society (IGS) conducted a survey of members’ polishing techniques. Here, you’ll find the results for opal polishing. Whether you’re just starting to learn the art of gem cutting or just looking for a new way to tackle a problematic gem material, we hope these results provide some useful suggestions.

For more opal polishing recommendations, see the survey results for gems with 4-6 hardness.

For more information about the survey or to find results for more gemstones, click here.

Opal Polishing Techniques

Lap TypePolish TypeLubrication typeVotes
LuciteCerium Oxidewater19
TinLinde Awater17
Ultra LapCerium Oxidewater14
CDCerium Oxidevinegar/water8
DynalapCerium Oxidewater6
PolypadCerium Oxidewater5
Tin50k diamondolive oil4

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