Quartz Polishing Survey Results

quartz polishing - Oro Verde quartz
Mark Oros of Hashnu Stones & Gems writes: “Oro Verde Quartz is a beautiful quartz gemstone. It receives both heat, to give it a gold color, and radiation, to provide its green color. Half of my clients mention its green hue, while the other half comment on its gold hue. Here’s an Oro Verde Quartz in one of our latest facet designs. What color is most noticeable to you?” © Hashnu Stones & Gems. Used with permission.

Editor’s Note: Some years ago, the International Gem Society (IGS) conducted a survey of members’ polishing techniques. Here, you’ll find the results for quartz polishing. Whether you’re just starting to learn the art of gem cutting or just looking for a new way to tackle a problematic gem material, we hope these results provide some useful suggestions.

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