I’m in the market for a gem cutting machine but am a real novice. I’ve seen a lot of discussion online but I’d like some recommendations from International Gem Society (IGS) members. In my faceting class, we used a Facetron gem cutting machine. I didn’t like it. I’m looking for other options because I had problems with the Facetron mast. I’m currently leaning towards the Ultra Tec. I’m also curious about the Raytech Shaw. Anyway, I’m new at this and would love to get some gem cutting machine recommendations from more experienced people.

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The Facetron

If you want a gem cutting machine that is physically easier (but slower) than the Facetron to adjust the head on the mast, Ultra Tec is a good choice. You would need to get familiar with using a Raytech Shaw to avoid accidentally tipping the head and damaging the stone you’re cutting.

That said, I wonder what kind of problems you had with the Facetron mast. I’ve been faceting with a Facetron for over 25 years. I’ve never had a single problem with it. (I actually sold an Ultra Tec to buy the Facetron). Most faceters in…