The Age of Apps

Like most, I live on my phone. My daily routine involves using several different apps to manage my lifestyle, provide professional support, and communicate within numerous networks.

Recently, many scanner identification apps have appeared on the Apple App Store. They can identify plants, insects, trees, birds, dogs, cats, mushrooms, and more. Most of these apps are built to rely on easy visual clues, but what about an identification that requires more than you can see with the unaided eye, like a gemstone?

Could you imagine taking the guesswork out of identifying gems, minerals, and rocks? Think of how easy it would be to scan vintage jewelry for forgotten treasures at yard sales, swap meets, or weekend estate sales. You could easily detect synthetic and imitation material before pulling the trigger on that ridiculously priced ring you found on vacation at a tourist shop.

I want this technology to be a reality, but just how accurate are these apps?

Evaluation Method

In order to make this review as comprehensive as possible, we tested 24 different gemstone, mineral, and rock identification apps from the Apple App Store. We thoroughly evaluated the free versions as well as the paid