In this article, I’m looking at various reasons why some businesses are more successful than others. I’ve drawn these marketing lessons from many kinds of companies. This information applies to almost any business. However, I’ll use examples of gemstone and jewelry marketing as often as I can. As you know, many people have written many volumes about marketing. So, I can’t cover everything. Hopefully, I’ll cover enough to make us all wealthy. (Just kidding, but you never know).

My Business Background

I have over 20 years of experience in advertising, sales, and marketing. I’ve dealt with business-to-business and consumer companies. I’ve managed marketing on the company side and also worked for advertising agencies. For several years now, I’ve owned my own ad agency and a retail store, selling auto service, parts, and tires. So, I know the difficulties of sales in small as well as worldwide markets.

About the Jewelry Business

Retail jewelry fulfills a “want,” not a “need.” You deal with customers who are usually happy and very interested in buying something for themselves or someone they care about. They’re ready to spend discretionary money, hopefully, with you.

In the auto repair business, I deal with customers who are…