Kraftwerks Event 2003

The Kraftwerks event 2003 is held in the actual factory environment. This event is a rare opportunity to meet some of the top people in the jewelry industry

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I was a featured Kraft Master at the Kraftwerks event 2003 being held in Ontario California at the Precious Metals West factory.

I basically arranged things so that I could fly into the Ontario airport and then drive down to the Ultra Tec factory in Santa Ana a day before the Kraftwerks event and pick up a brand new Ultra Tec faceting machine for my demonstrations.

I have an article and virtual tour of the Ultra Tec faceting machine factory in Santa Ana.
Take a look. "Here is a virtual tour of the Ultra Tec factory…"

There were eight (8) Kraft Masters (counting myself) there from various specialties in the custom jewelry, lapidary and jewelry manufacturing trades. The Kraft Masters are all people that are very well known and considered at the top of their trade, what ever it is.

I could not get to all of the demonstrations, because I had to work myself. But here are articles on some of the other Kraft Masters and just some interesting demonstrations that were done while I was there.

Here is a virtual tour of the Ultra Tec factory.
Robert casts some Platinum Bob Lynn - CAM/CAD with Solidscape Mokume Metal Techniques with James Binnion Precious Metal Clay with Carl StanleyPrecious Metal Clay with Carl Stanley Part #2

Sheridan Hotel/kraftwerks event 2003

The Ontario airport is quite nice and easy to navigate, and the Sheraton hotel where I stayed was very close to both the airport and the Kraftwerks factory (a few blocks) and convenient.

The people at the Sheraton were friendly and made the stay easy. They have a hotel shuttle that picked me up at the airport (there is a bank of phones for the hotels and you just dial their 4 digit number and a few minutes later the shuttle is there to get you). They also were very nice and drove me over to the Kraftwerks factory on several occasions when I needed a ride. Their service was good, I did hear a few people say the restaurant in the hotel was slow. But I did not eat there, so I never had any problems.

There was several food places with in a block or so and an easy walk. There was a oriental noodle shop, In & Out (which is a fast food burger, good), a sit down Italian food restaurant, and Barbeque place and a Circle K. My point is that there was plenty of good convenient food if you got hungry or just wanted to buy a Coke. This availability is pretty nice, all with in easy walking distance of the hotel.

Lunch time

Note: Food is included in the tickets to the Kraftwerks event and there was plenty of food and drink available.

They barbecued roast beef, game hen, hot dogs, sausages, deli sandwiches, pizza, pasta, fruit platters had Crispy Cremes and muffins for breakfast among other things. There was also plenty of coffee, sodas, wine, beer, and some harder drinks in the evenings.

I know it sounds like we all just ate, but I wanted to make the point that not only was there good food near the hotel, but plenty to eat and drink included in the price of the ticket(s).

They really made an effort to provide food and drinks to anybody that wanted them.

Brad of Bench Jeweler's magzine.
Suzanne Wade a writer for AJM and various trade magizines.
Daniel Ballard next to a vacuum investment mixerDaniel Ballard. He is the main event organizer and the person to talk to about the event, tickets, and other arrangements.

For information on tickets and future events (like the 2004 event) call Daniel at PM West 1-800-999-7528


Note: The Kraftwerks event is held in the actual factory environment which is quite large square feet wise and not air conditioned because of the sheer size of the space.

The weather tends to be nice in the morning but humid and warm in the afternoon in Ontario during August which is when the event is held. So wearing shorts, and cool comfortable clothes is a must. It is a causal environment and it is in the factory so it is not pristine. They picked August because that is about the only time that there are not conflicts with other shows and events.

Factory, cruciblesA general shot of the factory. You can see a table of crucibles, small ovens, a centrifugal casting unit and various other pieces of equipment.

Like I said the Kraftwerks factory is located a few blocks from the Sheraton Hotel in an industrial complex just behind the airport. They have a large building in an industrial complex. Here are a few pictures of the general factory complex.

FurnaceA picture of a couple of the large furnaces that they use for smelting metals into solders and other products they sell.


Crucibles and alloysA picture of some crucible and alloys that Precious Metals West specializes in making.

The crucibles in the picture are very big, about 24″ high and 16″ wide or so.

The bags of alloys and gold are also large and weighed several kilos each.

Over all every body had a good time and this event is a rare opportunity to see and talk to some of the top people in the jewelry and lapidary business. Everybody was very willing to share knowlede and experiences.

If you are a serious amateur or an interested professional you will enjoy the event and the people that you will meet.


Precious Metals West
phone 1-800-999-7528

Jeff R. Graham

The late Jeff Graham was a prolific faceter, creator of many original faceting designs, and the author of several highly-regarded instructional faceting books such as Gram Faceting Designs.

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