What Magnification Tools Are Used for Jewelry Making?

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Working with tiny pieces of solder and tiny pieces of jewelry is a strain on a jeweler's eyes. Magnification is essential for precision. Magnification tools come in different magnification powers that range from 1.0x (power) to 10x (power), with 2.5x being the most common. The most useful magnification tools for jewelers are the hand-free types rather than a regular hand-held magnifying glasses.

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  • Visors fit over your head with a drop down lens that contains the magnifier. They can be worn over regular glasses or safety glasses. The Optivisor style below is the most popular style used by  jewelers.

This visor has multiple drop-down lenses that increase the magnification with each layer. If you are doing extremely tiny metal work, this may be a good choice.


  • Arms enable you to move and adjust a large magnifying glass over your work. They often come with a light source as well. The arm needs to be attached to your work area. They are more expensive than the visors.

Adjustable Magnifier LED Lamp

Magnifying Visor Recommendations

PhotoNameTop Reviews on Amazon
Lighted Head Magnifying...image Lighted Head Magnifying Glasses Visor Headset

"This unit is worth the higher price. It has very nice fit and finish as you'd expect. Much better longer focal length then the cheap one I had already. Padded headband is a welcome addition as well. It is able to be adjusted and locked. My only knock against it is the headlamp. It's honestly good but I wish they had gone with triple A instead of 3 double As. It makes it a little heavy. One nice feature is the light can be removed and used as a flashlight although I presume it's for changing the batteries. The light is fairly bright but 2 or even 3 triple As would have been a better design choice.read more

MIYAKO USA Jewelers...image MIYAKO USA Jewelers Magnifying Headset

"This is the best magnifier of this general type I've owned. I have several similar head-mounted magnifiers, but with a plastic head strap with a knob to tighten and loosen. The other style has always been pretty uncomfortable and the adjustment mechanism frequently breaks. They also have a tendency to loosen and won't hold in place vertically. The velcro strap on this one is much easier to adjust, and much more comfortable to wear. The vertical positioning of the magnifier is also much more rigid. Finally, the side-mounted LEDs work much better than the single directional LED on most competing units. Very happy with this purchase!" read more

Headband Magnifier Double...image Headband Magnifier Double Lens Head

"This magnifyer is not lighted. Not a draw back for me. I have had a few of these and they were all very uncomfortable . I use this with a terry cloth headband & have had little to no discomfort. I have vision problems so they're on for over an hour at a time. I can wear glasses as well & depending on your frames these fit over them nicely. There's 4 lenses that come with it & extra screws. I just ordered a second one to have as a spare. If you suffer from sinus pain as I do , these are a godsend since nothing touches your face to add extra pressure. I know there's cheaper ones out there , but I'm really glad I found these. Totally worth the money.read more

Beileshi Headhand Magnifier...image Beileshi Headhand Magnifier Glasses

"They have been wonderful, wish I had known about them sooner! I am a crafter and the magnification is so much better than reading glasses and the light makes all the difference in the world! Love that you can flip the lens up and just use the light or take the lens off all together. Details are important to me and this visor does it beautifully for a very low price!" read more

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