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Working with tiny pieces of solder and tiny pieces of jewelry is a strain on a jeweler’s eyes. Magnification is essential for precision. Magnification tools come in different magnification powers that range from 1.0x (power) to 10x (power), with 2.5x being the most common. The most useful magnification tools for jewelers are the hand-free types rather than a regular hand-held magnifying glasses.

Amazon has an extensive selection of magnification tools for sale on their website.

  • Visors fit over your head with a drop down lens that contains the magnifier. They can be worn over regular glasses or safety glasses. The Optivisor style below is the most popular style used by  jewelers.


This visor has multiple drop-down lenses that increase the magnification with each layer. If you are doing extremely tiny metal work, this may be a good choice.


  • Arms enable you to move and adjust a large magnifying glass over your work. They often come with a light source as well. The arm needs to be attached to your work area. They are more expensive than the visors.

Adjustable Magnifier LED Lamp