Learn about the tools used in the settings and other metal components of gemstone jewelry.

An Introduction to Jewelry and Metalsmithing Tools

Guide to jewelry metalsmithing tools. Tips for choosing the right tools to get stared in jewelry metalsmithing.

Wire Jeweler's Tools: Pliers

A wire jewelry artist's primary tool is the pliers. From specialty to inexpensive pairs, this article covers the basics.

Product Review, Precision LP Gas Torch

Here is a Product Review on Precision LP Gas Torch. This torch is designed for professional jewelers and has the well-known quality German craftsmanship.

Saw Frames and Saw Blades in Jewelry Making

A jeweler's saw frame and blades is essential for cutting metal. Learn more about things to consider when purchasing a saw frame and blades.

How are Needle Files Used in Jewelry Making?

Needle files are small files used to finish and shape metal. They come in various shapes - round, half round, square, triangle, flat and barrett.

How are Calipers used in Jewelry Making?

Calipers assist with measuring metals. They can be locked in place at a certain measurement (in inches or in millimeters).

How are Hammers Used in Jewelry Making?

Hammers are needed to shape and manipulate metal. The main hammers needed are the chasing hammer and the rawhide or rubber mallet.

What is a Ring Mandrel? Which one should I buy?

Mandrels are cylindrical tools used to round out wire and metal. Mandrels can be made of wood or aluminum and steel.

How are Pliers used in Jewelry Making?

Learn which pairs of pliers you'll need to make jewelry. Flat nose, round nose, chain nose, etc. We review the pros and cons of each type.


Sanding is an important step in making jewelry. Be sure you know about and purchase the correct sandpaper.

Ring Clamp

Ring clamps are essential holders for polishing jewelry and mounting gems. We explain them and tell you where to purchase the top models.

Which Polishing Machine do I Buy?

Polishing machines are the final tool needed to complete your jewelry manufacturing venture. We assist you with purchasing one.

jewelers bench pins - custom designed
What are Jeweler’s Bench Pins?

Jewelry makers use bench pins to steady their hands, tools, and pieces for intricate work. Learn which type of bench pin will best meet your needs.

Bench Vise

If you need both hands to work, then you need a bench vise for your jewelry making needs.

jeweler's workbench
Jeweler’s Workbench Buying Guide

Every jewelry maker needs a place to work. Before investing in a jeweler’s workbench, learn about the features, models, and accessories you should look for.