Pliers are essentials for gripping, bending, and shaping metal and wires. Pliers should be constructed of stainless steel with rubber coated handles for comfort. They should be smooth jawed and hinged with box joints. There are numerous types of pliers, but the main ones needed are: round nose, flat nose, chain nose, flat and half round, and parallel.

  • Round nose pliers have two round jaws that taper to a point. They are excellent for gripping and bending wire into round shapes. They also come with extra long jaws for better leverage in gripping. Shorter jaws are an excellent starter pair. Amazon and Rio Grande have round nose pliers. Rio Grande also has the ones with the longer jaws.
  • Flat nose pliers have flat jaws that slope to a blunt, straight end. They are excellent for shaping and bending flat metal and wire. Amazon and Rio Grande have flat nose pliers for sale on their websites.
  • Chain nose pliers have jaws that are round on the outside and flat on the inside and taper to a point. They are great for manipulating metal in tight areas. Amazon has an ergonomically designed pair with thicker handles for added comfort. Rio Grande