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Marked Ring Mandrel

Mandrels are cylindrical tools used to round out wire and metal. Mandrels can be made of wood or aluminum and steel and come in a variety of lengths and widths.

  • A ring mandrel can have grooved ring sizes marked on it to assist with sizing rings. Rio Grande has extremely well-made, marked mandrels.
  • An unmarked ring mandrel is a good choice if you want the mandrel to assist with shaping wires for earrings or bending metal for rings. Keep the marked mandrel simply for sizing rings. Amazon has a nice collection of marked and unmarked ring mandrels.

Unmarked Ring Mandrel

  • A bracelet mandrel is shorter and usually oval-shaped to assist with the shaping of bracelets. Amazon and Rio Grande have oval shaped bracelet mandrels on their website.

Oval Bracelet Mandrel

Ring Mandrel Recommendations

Photo Name Top Reviews on Amazon
KUUQA Metal Ring...image Solid Stainless Steel Ring Sizing Mandrel

"Awesome little tool. I've never really known my ring sizes and have always bought rings, hoping they'd fit on one of my fingers.
The ring sizer is very durable, and has US sizes up to 15. It has other measurements as well, it seems.
The ring sizer is accurate and the metal rings match up with the ring sizer. It also correctly sized a size 7 ring I have.
The metal rings have the size they represent at the top of the ring with a dash to represent half sizes.
Very happy with this purchase!
"   read more

Solid Steel Ring...image Solid Stainless Steel Ring Sizing Mandrel

"Very accurate. Nice smooth metal with measurements engraved on one side. Easy to use and check measurements. Seems like would be good for resizing as well. Came in olastic sealed bag and very thin oil coating. No loose or dripping oil inside the bag. Oil coating just right to prevent rusting in storage and during shipping." read more

Lucwi Ring Mandrel...image LUCWI Ring Mandrel Sizer Tool

"I have been using this set for almost 2 weeks and really like it. It is perfect for making jewelry and sizing my own rings/fingers. It has a lot of sizers which is great. I did have to make sure each side of the mallet was screwed in correctly but it works great and everything seems sturdy. I do think I will get a lot of use out of it.read more

PHYHOO Ring Sizer...image PHYHOO Ring Sizer Set Metal Ring Mandrel

"I purchased this to make rings. It is a great tool to have in your supplies. It is made from aluminum so it doesn't stand up well to projects needing a stainless steel mandrel for making soldered sterling silver rings that you need to shape or texture, but for all light duty projects this does the job. This one has its own place and use in my studio"   read more

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