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solder tweezers

Pointed tweezers are indispensible for picking up tiny pieces of solder from your work bench. Placing the solder on the jewelry is much easier too with these tools. Be careful with the tip. It is very sharp and fine and can be bent easily.

Amazon sells a variety of styles and colors on its website.

Jewelry Tweezers Recommendationbs

Photo Name Top Reviews on Amazon
Precision Tweezers Set,Atmoko by ElleSye

"For fifteen bucks with free shipping, the set is a good buy.

Compared to high-end professional electrics assembly tweezers from Germany or Japan, this set is second-rate. But, this set of ten tweezers costs about what you’d pay for one such high-end tweezer. If you’re going to be using your tweezers all day professionally, you’ll probably want those high-end tools. But, for occasional technical and/or hobby use, these are great.

I have several of the high-and professional tweezers, the few that I use frequently. But for styles I use infrequently, this set fills in all the gaps for a great price.

The actual tools are surprisingly good quality. The tips all come together perfectly. The metal is hard; keep in mind that any sharp point will bend if you abuse it.

The case is a nice addition and will protect these tools and keep them altogether.
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Precision ESD Tweezers

"I have gone through a lot of tweezers over the years, and I sort of expect to get rid of older ones from time to time. These however, are my favorite tweezers so far. All the points are well rounded and precise. I like the fact that they don't bend that easy if you over stress them.
The one complaint I have is that the plastic case they come in was only slotted for six which meant it was kind of inconvenient when your trying to work with one hand. Apart from that, great product......
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Kaisi 14 PCS Precision Tweezers Set,

"Great set of tweezers that I can already tell will be useful in many of my projects! They have a good weight and balance when holding, with little effort in closing, I can already tell my hands will not be as achy! Makes me laugh that people can be so nit picky about products that cost so little, but are every bit as good as the higher priced items. Now if I don’t drop them (tweezer death) or misplace them (which is why I love the holder) these will be a part of my artist tools for a very long time! Thank you so much!"   read more

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