Bench Vise

If you need both hands to work, then you need a bench vise for your jewelry making needs.


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Bench Vise

If you are doing intricate or laborious work that requires both hands, you will need to get a bench vise. The vise has two jaws that firmly hold metal in place. The jaws are tightened by a rod that is turned. Ideally, the jaws should be covered in rubber to avoid marring the jewelry being held. The vise is anchored onto a bench or table by clamps.

Amazon has a bench vise for sale on its website that suctions into place. But, if you are going to do vigorous work, stick with the one that clamps into place. Gesswein has vises for sale on its website too. They have a vise that revolves so you can work from any angle.

Jeweler's Bench Vise Recommendations

PhotoNameTop Reviews on Amazon
Fasmov Swivel 3 Fasmov Swivel 3" Universal Table Vise

"This has been a heaven sent for me! I started to drill my own holes in my stones for jewelry making and holding the stone down and drilling at the same time was making my hands hurt from all the pressure. This was a easy install on the table when needing to drill holes and then remove which is a great thing for me because I do all my jewelry making in my living room so with compact space I needed something like this to be able to use and put away when not using. Perfect!"   read more

Mini Table Clamp,...image HENGDA Mini Table Clamp Small Bench Vice

"First of all I love this vice. I use it daily for Cutting D rings when I want to attach an O ring to them. Works great and the only issue, which really isn't an issue, is that the rotation clamp can come loose once in a great while. Solution? Clamp it down again. Awesome vice. I would buy this again in a second."   read more

Z-COLOR Mini Flat...image Z-COLOR Mini Flat Clamp Table Jaw Bench Clamp

"I really like this little vise. it holds small parts nice and securely. All of the parts seem fully formed and in good shape. All of the plastic parts have a bit of flashing on them, but they all clean up pretty well with a utility knife. All of the screw threads are well formed, on both the soft jaws/posts and the main screw.
I haven't had it for a very long time, so I can't say how it will hold up in the very long term, but for the short while that I've had it, it seems to be doing pretty well. I don't have any machine table or other surface with T-slots, so I can't test out the bolt-holes, but a small pistol-grip clamp does a fine job at holding it in place at the edge of my desk. For anyone wondering, the screw heads are Phillips #2. Unfortunately, I've lost my thread tester, so I can't say what the thread size is.
" read more

BESSEY BV-VB Vacuum...image Bessey BVVB Vacuum Base Vise

"I was looking for a decent hobby vice to hold my helping hands soldering stand. Well, I followed the advice of the other reviewers of this product. They are absolutely correct! Spend the money, and get this vise if you are looking for a good QUALITY hobby vice. I was very impressed when I opened the package;  read more

MYTEC Home Vise...image MYTEC Home Vise Clamp-On Vise,2.5"

"I had been using a Panavise for many years. I finally decided to purchase a studier, stronger vise. The MYTEC vise meets all my needs perfectly. I am left handed and the ability to swivel and lock the vise in new positions is wonderful. It is extremely well built and operates smoothly and easily. I keep the soft jaws on all the time and they can be used for holding just about any item hard or soft. I have super glued the pads to the areas that hold the vise to my work bench. I can move the vise to my work area and back to it's storage location in less than one minute. A GREAT PRODUCT!"  read more

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Megan Coward, Graduate Jeweler Gemologist, GIA, Graduate Gemologist

Megan Coward is a graduate of the GIA with Graduate Jeweler Gemologist and Graduate Gemologist accreditations. She has 20+ years in the retail jewelry industry in various roles including as a diamond buyer and gemstone appraiser.

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