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copper tongs

Tongs are needed to remove soldered items from the pickle. Copper tongs are needed if your pickle soluition is sodium bicarbonate based (Sparex #2). Metal tongs of a metal other than copper will react with the pickle and contaminate the item being pickled.

Amazon has copper tongs for sale on their website.

Copper Jewelry Tongs Recommendations

Photo Name Top Reviews on Amazon
Copper Tongs, 8-...image Copper Tongs, 8- 1/2 Curved "They are COPPER TONGS. They are nice and long for deeper solutions, they grip well and are far better than the wood chopsticks I had been using. Might have to buy another pair. If I had to give one negative it would be that they are not spread very wide.... maybe 1/4 inch but this could be good or bad depending on your application." read more
Copper Tongs, Curved,...image Copper Tongs, Curved, 8-1/2 Inches

"These tongs are wonderful. I'm using them quite a bit in heating copper pieces for use in quilts. I was interested to know just how far down the stem to the handle the copper tongs would heat up and whether or not I could hold them with my bare hands while using the propane torch to heat copper pieces. Answer: Bare hands are fine for me. The copper heating process is a quick one, albeit repetitive with water baths. The tongs remain cool in my hand. Great product/tool; reasonably priced." read more

SE 9 SE 9" Copper Tongs - 545TW "The rivets are nice and heavy. The copper is heavy enough gauge for the job. No foreseeable problems with these." read more

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