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You need a container with a lid for the pickle solution. Pickle works best when it’s heated, so a small crock pot is the ideal container. Keep the setting on Low heat.

Use the crock pot only for pickle. Do not attempt to clean it and use it for cooking as the pickle solution is toxic and the crock pot will be contaminated.

You can pick up an inexpensive crock pot at any home goods store.

Jewelry Pickle Pot Kit Recommendations

Photo Name Top Reviews on Amazon
Jewelry Soldering Kit...image Jewelry Soldering Kit Torch Pickle Pot Tools Solder

"This kit came quickly and has everything you need to start to start silver smithing at home minus the silver. Pickle pot, tongs, even has solder. You will need butane for small torch but it works perfectly for making jewelry. I would highly recommend this kit!" read more

Jewelry Pickle Pot...image Jewelry Pickle Pot Kit

"I bought this for my grand-daughter who has become a very proficient jewelry maker. This kit met her very rigorous specifications and she was very happy to receive it as a Christmas gift. She has put it to use already and she reports that it does the job perfectly." read more

Basic Soldering Starter...image Basic Soldering Starter Kit w/ 16 Oz Pickle Pot

"Exactly as described, and cheaper than other places I found this. Doesn't come with butane fuel; order that on your own. I forgot mine, so I had to wait a few extra days to get started. Update: I've tried it out and it works great! The flux was a little dry, but I added some distilled water and it bounced right back. The solder paste is so easy! I'm a total novice but I am pretty proud of my first attempts!" read more

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