Jeweler’s Bench

Jeweler’s Work Bench

Every jeweler needs a place to work and having a true jewelers’s work bench, rather than a make-shift table or desk, is money well-spent. Jeweler’s work benches sit higher than regular work benches to eliminate hunching and back problems. They come with a metal lined bottom drawer that pulls out and catches all metal shavings. They come with bench pins and holes designed to hold ring mandrels. They have multiple drawers to hold tools for easy accessibility. The top of the bench is walled to keep items from rolling off of it.

The bench pin that comes with the bench will need to be notched. You can use your saw with a heavy saw blade to cut a notch in it.

Bench options

Economical Work Bench

Amazon and Rio Grande have a reasonably priced and well-reviewed work bench for sale on their websites. This is a good option if you are just starting out or if you will be doing light jewelry work. This bench features 3 drawers and one aluminum-lined drawer to catch metal filings.  There are also pull out armrests on each side of the bench pin to steady yourself while you work.


Heavier Work Bench

Amazon and Rio Grande have heavier benches listed that feature locking drawers. Rio Grande has one with two aluminum-lined drawers to catch filings. There is a pull out shelf under the bench pin which is a great place to keep tools handy. Also, the benches have a centered metal square for hammering, which replaces the need for a metal hammering block. There are pull out armrests on each side.

If you want a professional jeweler’s bench, Rio Grande has a well-rated bench that fits this description. This bench features 16 drawers (with drawers on each side of the bench) with one locking drawer and two drawers to catch filings. The fittings for the bench pin are steel, as is the bench pin mounting. There is a pull out shelf under the bench pin and pull out arm rests on each side.

If you already have a sturdy table as your work area, then all you need is a mini work bench to place on top of the table. Rio Grande has a functional mini work bench with a tray for filings and one armrest.


Work Bench Accessories

If you want to keep your tools easily accessible and very organized, consider getting some bench accessories for the top of your bench. Amazon has a plier holder. Rio Grande has numerous handy holders for tweezers, needle files, and flex shaft accessories.