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jeweler's workbench

You can customize and organize your own jewelry making workspace to suit your needs. However, if you’re in the market for a commercially available jeweler’s workbench, read on. “Jeweler’s Bench” by Mauro Cateb. Licensed under CC By-SA 3.0.

Every jeweler needs a place to work. Investing in a jeweler’s workbench is a wise decision.

What is a Jeweler’s Workbench?

Jeweler’s workbenches sit higher than regular workbenches. This helps prevent hunching and subsequent back problems.

A jeweler’s workbench typically includes the following features:

  • A metal lined bottom drawer that pulls out, for catching all metal shavings.
  • Bench pins and holes designed to hold ring mandrels.
  • Multiple drawers to hold tools for easy accessibility.
  • A walled top surface to keep items from rolling off.

You may need to notch the bench pin that comes with your bench. Use your saw with a heavy blade to do this.

Jeweler’s Workbench Models

Beginner’s Workbenches

If you’re just starting out or doing light jewelry work, you can find reasonably priced, well-reviewed benches on Amazon and Rio Grande. These feature three drawers and one aluminum-lined drawer to catch metal filings. They also include pullout armrests on each side of the bench pin to steady yourself while working.

Sturdier Models

Both Amazon and Rio Grande offer heavier benches with locking drawers. (The Rio Grande bench also has two aluminum-lined drawers). A pullout shelf under the bench pin makes a great place to keep tools handy. These benches also have centered metal squares for hammering, so you won’t need a separate metal hammering block. There are pull out armrests on each side.

A Professional Jeweler’s Workbench

Rio Grande has a well-rated professional bench. It features 15 drawers, six on each side of the bench plus one locking drawer and two for catching filings. The bench pin mounting and fittings are steel. This bench also has a pullout shelf under the bench pin and pullout armrests on each side.

A Mini Workbench

If you have a sturdy table as your workspace, you may only need a mini workbench. Rio Grande offers a mini jeweler’s bench with a tray for filings and one armrest. You can place it on top of your table.


Since you’ll need to keep your tools easily accessible and organized, consider getting some bench accessories. Desktop holders and caddies for pliers and tweezers, needle files, and flex shaft accessories, as well as magnetic wall-mounted holders, will come in handy.