jeweler's workbench
jeweler's workbench

Jeweler’s Workbench Buying Guide

Every jewelry maker needs a place to work. Before investing in a jeweler’s workbench, learn about the features, models, and accessories you should look for.

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jeweler's workbench
You can customize and organize your own jewelry making workspace to suit your needs. However, if you're in the market for a commercially available jeweler's workbench, read on. "Jeweler's Bench" by Mauro Cateb. Licensed under CC By-SA 3.0.

Every jeweler needs a place to work. Investing in a jeweler's workbench is a wise decision.

What is a Jeweler's Workbench?

Jeweler's workbenches sit higher than regular workbenches. This helps prevent hunching and subsequent back problems.

A jeweler's workbench typically includes the following features:

  • A metal lined bottom drawer that pulls out, for catching all metal shavings.
  • Bench pins and holes designed to hold ring mandrels.
  • Multiple drawers to hold tools for easy accessibility.
  • A walled top surface to keep items from rolling off.

You may need to notch the bench pin that comes with your bench. Use your saw with a heavy blade to do this.

Jeweler's Workbench Models

Beginner's Workbenches

If you're just starting out or doing light jewelry work, you can find reasonably priced, well-reviewed benches on Amazon and Gesswein. These feature three drawers and one aluminum-lined drawer to catch metal filings. They also include pullout armrests on each side of the bench pin to steady yourself while working.

Sturdier Models

Gesswein also offers a heavier bench with locking drawers.  A pullout shelf under the bench pin makes a great place to keep tools handy. This bench also has centered metal squares for hammering, so you won't need a separate metal hammering block. There are also pull-out armrests on each side.

A Professional Jeweler's Workbench

Gesswein has a well-rated professional bench. It features 15 drawers, six on each side of the bench plus one locking drawer and two for catching filings. The bench pin mounting and fittings are steel. This bench also has a pullout shelf under the bench pin and pullout armrests on each side.

A Mini Workbench

If you have a sturdy table as your workspace, you may only need a mini workbench. Amazon offers a mini jeweler's bench with a tray for filings. You can place it on top of your table.


Since you'll need to keep your tools easily accessible and organized, consider getting some bench accessories. Desktop holders and caddies for pliers and tweezers, needle files, and flex shaft accessories, as well as magnetic wall-mounted holders, will come in handy.

Jeweler's Bench Recommendations

PhotoNameTop Reviews on Amazon
Grobet Jewelers Work...image Grobet Jewelers Work Bench W/ Metal Work Pan 3 Drawer

"Solid all-wood bench (clear pine). This is Grobet's deluxe model. It has no pressboard and no particle board. Solid wood top with all wood legs and full skirt. Three utility drawers assembled. Pull-out tray with two shelves. Two-arm rests and a lined catch drawer. Economically priced for what you get. Dimensions: 39" W x 19-1/2" D x 39" H.

Assembly was quick and easy, although you need to use some common sense. The drawers and bench top frame came preassembled. You do need to tighten all the screws on the top frame (not stated in the instructions). Also, while assembling the skirt, you need to improvise how to assemble the panels with dowels on each end. Tip: don't tighten the screws all the way until all parts are fitted, then tighten all the screws.
"   read more

Deluxe Solid Wooden...image Deluxe Solid Wooden Jewelers Bench

"Waited 25 years to buy one and all I can say is dumb move to wait so long... This has changed my jewelry making. Things are so well set up and it makes my job so much easier! I think I am a TON faster and definitely more organized! Love it!"   read more

Grobet Jewelers Type...image Grobet Jewelers Type Workbench

"Well constructed from good materials, fairly easy assembly. I would not use "Heavy Duty" to describe this bench, the side panels are 3/16", and the catch drawer, instead of having a metal catch pan has a "metal" lining that runs under the side pieces; an inserted catch pan would have a better chance of collecting metal scrap and allowing full recycling. The bench pin which comes with it is finished in varnish/lacquer. The top is well made with edge rails to keep items from rolling off. A good jeweler's work bench for the more

Olympia Tools 84-906...image Olympia Tools 84-906 Hard Wood Workbench

"Heavy Duty for woodworking, leather, and a variety of medium to small craft work. It is repairable and should last many years.

The complete sub-assemblies make it easy to assemble. Phillips #1 screw driver, allen wrench provided, 13 mm socket or 13 mm open end wrench. One person can assemble in about 1 hour. HINTS: assemble the legs and cross pieces upside down then turn right side up and place top upside down on leg assembly and use to assemble drawer and then attach the drawer.. Carefully turn the top over and reach under the top of the leg crossbar at top and using a ratchet attach top assembly to leg assembly. The instructions provided do help but you really need to lay all the wood parts out and visualize how they go together. I allowed extra time to practice how I would assemble and then began. Loved the quality of the parts.. Love the way everything fit together so well
"   read more

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Megan Coward, Graduate Jeweler Gemologist, GIA, Graduate Gemologist

Megan Coward is a graduate of the GIA with Graduate Jeweler Gemologist and Graduate Gemologist accreditations. She has 20+ years in the retail jewelry industry in various roles including as a diamond buyer and gemstone appraiser.

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