Needle files are small files used to finish and shape metal. They have a smooth edge on one side so they don’t mark the metal when you are filing in tight spaces. They come in various shapes – round, half round, square, triangle, flat and barrett. They come in coarseness of fine, medium, course and extra coarse. Make sure to at least have one in fine and one in coarse. Buying a set of various shapes is a good place to start and additional ones can be purchased as you need them.

  • Valtitan files are Swiss made and considered the best in the jewelry business. Otto Frei and Rio Grande offer them on their website in packs in the desired shapes. Choose a set of coarse (0) and medium (2) or fine (4).
  • Amazon carries a less expensive set of needle files.

Purchasing handles for your needle files is recommended. The file handles are small and hard to grip. Buying handles for the file ends will make them easier to hold.

Rio Grande has a nice selection of needle file handles. Graver style handles are inexpensive and effective, but any handle is better than none.

Jewelry Needle Files Recommendations