What are Bench Pins Used For?

bench pin
Bench Pin

A bench pin is a notched piece of wood that is attached to your work table or work bench to aid with sawing. It also helps steady your hands and tools to do intricate work in small spaces. You can snugly anchor numerous tools, like the ring clamp and pliers, into the notch to aid with filing, polishing, and setting gemstones.

The bench pin is attached to your work surface with a C clamp, which makes for easy removal when you are not working. This an excellent set up if you are just getting started and you are not ready to purchase an expensive jeweler’s work bench, which has a bench pin that is permanently attached to it.

Amazon has a well-rated bench pin with a C clamp sold as a set on their website.

If you have a jeweler’s bench, the bench pin is purchased separately. It is not notched in the middle and you will need to saw the notch. The pin is inserted into a metal holder and secured with a screw on the side. The metal holder is then bolted to the bench.

bench pin with metal holder
Bench pin for a jeweler’s bench

Rio Grande has a very sturdy, well-rated, permanent bench pin for sale on their website.