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jewelers bench pins - custom designed

Jewelry makers can purchase bench pins ready for use or customize their own sets, like this pop-in/out model, featured in Make:. It seems to combine the benefits of both clamped and fixed types. Read on to learn more about your options. “IMG_9808” by Solarbotics. Licensed under CC By 2.0.

A bench pin is a notched piece of wood you attach to your work table to aid with sawing. Bench pins also help steady your hands and tools, so you can do intricate work in small spaces. For example, you can snugly anchor numerous tools, such as ring clamps and pliers, into the bench pin’s notch. This will help you with filing and polishing metals as well as setting gemstones.

Bench Pins with C-Clamps

You can attach a bench pin to your work surface with a C-clamp. This also makes removal easy. Amazon has many models with C-clamps available, including this well rated set. This setup is ideal if you’re just starting jewelry making or not yet ready to purchase a jeweler’s workbench.

jewelers bench pins - C-clamp model

Bench Pin with Clamp.

Some jeweler’s workbenches come with bench pins. However, you may need to notch the included pin yourself. You’ll have to saw a notch in the middle of the pin.

Bench Pins with Fixed Holders

You can also purchase separately a bench pin to fix permanently to your workbench or table. These come with a metal holder, not a clamp. Secure the pin to your workbench by inserting it into the metal holder and tightening a screw on the side. Then, bolt the metal holder to your bench.

Of course, Amazon has bench pin sets with holders. Rio Grande also sells a very sturdy, well-rated permanent bench pin.

Custom Bench Pins

You can have bench pins custom made or modify existing models to suit your workspace and needs. Before you make any modifications, consider these ergonomic factors.