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flush cutters
Wire cutters are needed to cut wire. Get cutters that have a flush or flat side. Cutting wire with a nice, flush end cuts down on finishing time. Only cut precious metal wire with the wire cutters. Other types of metal will mar the edges and the cutters will not cut a smooth edge.

Different cutters are available for different gauges of wire. The cutters below will cut up to 1.6 mm wire. They are available on Amazon’s website.


Maxi Shears Flush Wire Cutters

Jewelry Wire Cutter Recommendations

Photo Name Top Reviews on Amazon
IGAN-170 Wire Cutters,...image IGAN-170 Wire Cutters

"The workmanship of these IGSN-170 is excellent. And these pliers do cut as specified. With the narrow nose I can get between things that I couldn't before. And the you only need to get the nose of your pliers over the wire you want to cut and snip, the wire is cut cleanly with very little force by you. No need to get the wire deep into the jaws, as close to the pliers's pivot point as possible. in order to make the cut. It made it fun to go over other projects I have done in the past and clip all the wire ends that were sticking out and I could never get to. Nice grips and a tight pivot point with no slop that make cutting harder to do.read more

Professional Pliers Cutter...image Professional Pliers Cutter

" These cutters are really sharp and cut great. They are also true flush cutters like the title says which is hard to find. I took a short video to show how easily the cut through wire. I think these are a great deal for the quality and I will be looking to see what other tools they offer from this product line." read more

Flush Cutter, Wire...image Bangye Wire Cutter - 5'' Flush Cutter

"I needed a new pair for jewelry making, and this is the perfect pair!! In jewelry making ggv you gotta use your hand strength to hold pliers, the whole time, so the face that the retract on the cutters works so great is amazing. They cut super smooth, open back up quick and smooth, and feel comfortable in the hand. I definitely recommend these for jewelry making and any other wire cutting needs. I can honestly say they did not contribute to my hand fatigue, and made cutting fast and hassle free!" read more

Hi-Tech Memory-Wire Cutters,...image Hi-Tech Memory-Wire Cutters

"Love this tool. I usually give 4 stars for product reviews because there's always room for improvement. Not the case for this tool. It cut memory wire like butter! The grips are like a firm marshmallow. I could spend hours just cutting wire because I love this tool so much."   read more

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