Product Review, Precision LP Gas Torch

Why this torch? This torch is designed for professional jewelers and has the well-known quality German craftsmanship. It is hot enough to alloy silver or gold. The manufacturer says that an extra hot oxygen assisted flame is only necessary for (light) welding applications, melting palladium or platinum, or alloying palladium based white gold. Unless working with platinum group metals the higher heat is not needed.

The cooler flame is actually an advantage on silver, which is my main use. The flame is as precise and steady as their micro-welding torch, just not as hot. It is suitable for very fine soldering, and works especially well on intricate pieces. With the larger rosebud tip, it is possible to anneal large areas with ease.

This also solves a problem that many people have (as I did,) and that is why I looked into it. In a letter that was posted on the IGS list, I wrote, “If any of you are not aware of it, there is a big problem many have to face. I am limited to one pound of gas for home use, period. From my research I have found this is far more widespread than assumed.” Beginners are not …

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