What Is a Third Hand Used for in Jewelry Making?

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third hand

The third hand is an indispensable tool for securing items while they are soldered. The weighted base serves as an anchor while the hinged joint secures the interlocking tweezers in place with a tightening screw. The interlocking tweezers hold the item until you squeeze them to release it. This frees you to use both hands while soldering just as if you had a third hand!

Amazon and Gesswein both have them on their websites. Some third hands use alligator clips, however, these are not nearly as secure as the locking tweezers.

Third Hand Recommendations

PhotoNameTop Reviews on Amazon
Pro'sKit 900-015 Helping...image Pro'sKit 900-015 Helping Hands Soldering Aid

"Three things make this Helping Hands great...simplicity, practicality, durability. It's simple because it doesn't have all the fancy (and often times useless) lights and other stuff that aren't really necessary. Half the time, those things don't work very well or they get in the way. This is practical in several ways. For example, the alligator clips are removable with thumbscrews. The clips are the kind that can be found at most hardware or home improvement stores. That's not a bad thing. If these get torn up, or if you want to have a different kind with the same size ends that can fit in the sockets, it's easily replaceable. Another example, is the the other thumbscrews allow it to be angled in just about every possible angle you could imagine. As far as durability, the base is heavy for it's size. It is a heavy metal, unlike many of the cheap plastic ones that tip over when they are angled in certain positions. Even if it's not heavy enough to hold down your piece, there's enough edge on the base to place something to add more weight.
Overall, this is what I think...
- Very versatile
- Interchangeable alligator clips
- Heavy enough base
- Well-balanced
- All metal (no plastic parts)
" read more

Third Hand Plier/Tweezers Third Hand Plier

"Didn't think I'd need this that much .... I was wrong , I use it all the time .... holds strong without moving .... I like it when building model engines, holds level great and elevates piece" read more

Soldering Helping Hands...image Soldering Helping Hands Third Hand Tool with Heavy Duty Steel Base

"This was more then what I expected. Box arrived on time and no damage. I was surprised when I saw a sticker on the box saying "heavy"! It is heavy, with good reason. It stays put when its placed on a table or bench. I have used it a few times and am extremely happy with it! The attachment rods are very sturdy, Magnifier and light are great, and the versatility it has is tremendous. Not for small or tight places, but I didn't order it for that! Very well built and designed. Thank You!!" read more

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