marketing and selling rare and collectible gemstones - rare canary color-shift tourmalinemarketing and selling rare and collectible gemstones - rare canary color-shift tourmaline

Marketing and Selling Rare Gemstones

You need a good strategy for marketing and selling rare gemstones, in order to succeed in this niche market. Learn how to reach potential customers.

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I spoke with gem industry experts Daniel Stair of Custom Gemstones, jeweler and gem dealer Johnny Brookheart, Matt Winward of Utah Gem Gallery, and wholesaler Evan Caplan about what’s worked for them. Here are their tips for newcomers to the industry.

Two Strategies for Marketing and Selling Rare Gemstones

Overall, these gem dealers use two strategies to turn profits.

Some who deal in the very high-end market and supply stones for museum collections urge caution in marketing important stones. These extremely rare gems are shrouded in secrecy. For a top-quality specimen, the eventual owner wants as few people to know about it as possible – and the price should be a mystery as well.

Those who deal in high-end collectibles (but not important, museum-quality stones) take a different approach. If customers don’t know a gem specimen exists, they don’t know they can buy it. In this market, having excellent, accurate images of your wares is the most important factor in attracting new customers and keeping them.

Networking and Trade Shows

According to wholesaler Evan Caplan, the gem trade is all about whom you know, and trade shows are the best place to get to know people….

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