Articles about the business-side of lapidary arts as well as jewelry making and/or selling.

Figuring Rough Cost

Jeff R Graham shares his opinions and thoughts on various topics on Just Ask Jeff. Figuring rough cost on Just Ask Jeff: How do I figure rough cost?

Valuable Rough Gemstones

We explore how to make money purchasing and cutting valuable rough gemstones and we propose simple formulas that help you make smart buys.

Perspective on the Gem Rough Market

Jeff R Graham shares his opinions on the gem rough market. Read more on some very important perspective to be aware of on the gem industry.

Supply of Gemstones and Rough

Jeff R Graham shares his opinions on various topics on Just Ask Jeff. See what his answers are to How does the supply of gemstones and rough actually work?

Cut Stones Cost

Jeff R Graham shares his opinions on various topics in Just Ask Jeff. See his answers to Why is some rough stone like Topaz the same cost of cut stones?

Commercial and Rough Stone Prices

Jeff R Graham shares about commercial and rough stone prices. See his answers to Why does rough cost almost as much as commercially cut stones sometimes?

Customer Multiple Orders and Returns

Just Ask Jeff shares his frustrations on customer multiple orders and returns which is a common customer problems among rough dealers.

Profit Making from Rough Gems

Just Ask Jeff answers "Can I make money cutting that rough?". Profit making from rough gems is an important issue for all who want to facet and make money.

Finding a job in the gem or jewelry business

This is a quick story about finding employment (a job) in the gem or jewelry industry. It explains why starting a store is likely not your best bet!

ruby drop necklace - starting a jewelry business
Starting a Jewelry Business? Some Questions to Consider

Starting a jewelry business takes a lot of planning. Answer these questions about your inventory and services now and save yourself time and money later.

Basic Business Rules: Developing Good Relationships

"Just ask Jeff" takes on the Basic Rules of Business and developing good relationships with anyone involved when getting in the business

Basic Business Rules: Buying Rough

This covers some of the basics of the industry and developing good relationships. Read on about the basic business rules of buying rough.

The Gemstone Business

Jeff R Graham shares his opinions on various topics in Just Ask Jeff. See what he has to say about The Gemstone Business - Some Stories and Observations..

The Hassles of Customer Picture Requests

Jeff R Graham shares his thoughts and insights on the hassles of customer picture requests and why most dealers do not bother to send them.

Gemstone Business: Buying Quality Rough

Jeff R Graham share his thoughts on Just Ask Jeff. Read on to know how to be successful in the gemstone business by buying quality rough.

Gemstone Business: Invest and Cut

Jeff R Graham shares his opinions and thoughts on topics on Just Ask Jeff. See what he does to succeed in the Gemstone Business: Invest and Cut.

The Effects of a Declining Business

Jeff R Graham, "Just Ask Jeff" talks about what is up with manufacturers' declining business and the effects it causes like the lack of product support.

mailing gems - aquamarine
Tips for Mailing Gems Safely

Whatever your reasons for mailing gems, follow this advice from competition faceters. These tips will help protect your gemstones from damage in transit.

A View From Africa

In South Africa, illegal mining is being put to an end with the compromise between government and big businesses.

BOOK REVIEW, Gem Dealers Secrets

A book review on "Gem Dealers Secrets". It is always a treat to find a book that lives up to expectations and is entertaining to read. This is such a book.

gem pricing - amethyst
Gem Pricing Advice for Faceters

Gem pricing isn't easy, and guidelines aren't always fixed. Learn what factors gem cutters should consider to determine a fair price for their work.

Master Faceter

Jeff R Graham shares his opinions and thoughts on various topics in Just Ask Jeff. See what a "master faceter" is in Just Ask Jeff: What is a Master?

Maximum Amount of Stone a Person Can Cut

Jeff R Graham calculates maximum amount of stone a person can cut . See what his answer is to How many stones can a person cut? How many to make a living?

Carats vs. Grams

Just Ask Jeff: Carats vs. Grams? Which is best? Most people can count and are not going to pay more for a stone just because it is weighed in carats.

Selling Stones to a Jeweler

Jeff R Graham on selling stones in Just Ask Jeff. See his take on I sold a stone to a jeweler and later found out he made a killing on it, Am I too cheap?

Basic Rules for Selling to Jewelers

Jeff R Graham share what his opinions and thoughts are on various topics in Just Ask Jeff. See the basic rules for selling in this article.

Cutting and Selling Stones

Jeff R Graham shares his opinions and thoughts on various topics. Know more about cutting and selling stones in Just Ask Jeff: How do I price my stones?

Making Money Faceting

The first thing you need to know is that making money faceting is not a very hard thing to do. Most people that learn to facet make some money.

Stones that Make Money

Jeff R Graham shares his opinions and thoughts on various topics in Just Ask Jeff. See what his opinions and answers are to What stones make money?

Oregon sunstone - stone sizes
What Faceted Stone Sizes Will Sell Best?

How can a custom gem faceter compete with commercial cutting houses? Learn how cut stone sizes, gem quality, and expert cutting can make a difference.

Dishonest People and Hidden Agendas

Jeff R. Graham shares his two cents on Dishonest People and hidden agendas" of some people that he had to have dealings with in the industry.

Buying Gemstones from Shopping Networks

"Just Ask Jeff" gives his opinions and comments and detailed explanation on Buying Gemstones from shopping networks. Read on for more!

Finding Honest Experts

Jeff R. Graham covers the gemstone industry and says do not believe everything you hear. Just Ask Jeff shares his opinion on finding honest experts

Some Pointers on Selling What You Cut

Jeff R Graham shares his opinions and thoughts on various topics in Just Ask Jeff. See his tips and ideas on You will sell only what you cut. Some pointers.

sapphire, ruby, and emerald - cutting synthetic gemstones
Can You Make Money Cutting Synthetic Gemstones?

Selling lab-created cut gems can be quite difficult. Learn what makes this market hard to crack and the best ways to make money cutting synthetic gemstones.

Writing Effective Advertising for Gems and Jewelry

Follow these simple formulas for effective advertising. Engage your customers and translate the features of your gems and jewelry into appealing benefits.

jewelry marketing - gallery
Gemstone and Jewelry Marketing: The Duh Factor

What can you learn about gem and jewelry marketing from other businesses? Tracking your inventory and requests for what you don't stock is a start.

The History of Lapidary

A full and complete history of the lapidary arts, from 70,000 BC to present day. The origins of faceting, bruting, and carving.

story gemstone - rhodolite garnet
Precision Faceting A Story Gemstone: Choosing Rough

A precision faceter can turn a rough stone into a story gemstone as unique as each client. Choosing the right rough is the first step in the design process.

gem design - sunshine stone detail
Precision Faceting A Story Gemstone: Gem Design

In the gem design stage of jewelry making, faceters evaluate a stone's qualities. Learn how to choose a cut for a gemstone as unique as your personal story.

faceting equipment - cutting concave facets
Precision Faceting A Story Gemstone: Faceting Equipment

Today's custom gem cutters use faceting equipment for precision work and design inspiration. Take a look at the toolkit of the new lapidary renaissance.

faceting process - dopping station
Precision Faceting A Story Gemstone: The Faceting Process

The faceting process turns rough stones into finished gems. Learn the steps custom faceters take to create unique gemstones that tell a client's story.

custom faceting - detail
Precision Faceting a Story Gemstone: Custom Faceting Advice

Your prized gemstones deserve custom faceting. Learn the benefits of working with precision faceters and tips for starting your own jewelry project.

gemstone pendulum - bronze rutile quartz pendant
Faceting a Gemstone Pendulum to Feature Inclusions

Showcase the amazing inclusions in minerals like rutilated quartz in a gemstone pendulum design. Learn how to facet these gems into stunning jewelry pieces.

marketing and selling rare and collectible gemstones - rare canary color-shift tourmaline
Marketing and Selling Rare Gemstones

If you’re looking to sell in the niche market of rare and collectible gems, you need marketing techniques for reaching collectors. A good strategy for marketing and selling rare gemstones will put you in touch with potential customers and pave the way for a successful business.