Master Faceter

I recently offered a different point of view on what constitutes a “master”, or in our case a “master faceter”. I was actually surprised at the stink I kicked up and at the reaction from a few people.

There are all types of masters was all I was trying to say. A person that just cuts in contests to meet point and polish, while a master at those two things is a long way from being a true master of the subject of faceting and all it entails.

Also remember in the real world, nobody really cares. It is a quality stone or it is not. It is a sellable stone or it’s not. Nobody asks about whether the stone was cut by a “Master Faceter” or cares. The stones speak for themselves.

Note: Of course, there are some well known faceters and because of style and reputation their stones may bring a higher price.

But for discussions sake. I think that perhaps there needs to be some definitions of the terms we are using and qualifications of categories that these terms apply to.

Here is what Websters says. “Webster’s Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language”