How Long Does it Take to Cut 10,000 Stones?

Yes, I’ve heard even higher claims, but let’s start with 10,000 stones. Let’s divide 10,000 stones by 365 (the number of days in a year). 10,000 ÷ 365 = 27.39. So, if a person cuts one stone a day, every day without exception, for 27.39 years, they’ll cut 10,000 stones.

Cutting 10,000 stones in 27.39 years is pretty optimistic. Like the gem designer and mathematician Fred Van Sant used to say, “Looks like an imaginary number to me.”

Nobody cuts seven days a week, year after year, without a break. Illnesses, the demands of family and business, and just life in general will always intervene. 10,000 stones in a decade or so? That sounds fishy to me. Could someone cut that amount over the course of a lifetime career? Maybe, but that’s still an awful lot of cutting for one person.

Let’s consider a more realistic pace: two stones a day for five days a week. (Realistic, yes, but I still wouldn’t want to do it). 52 weeks a year × 5 days a week = 260 work days a year (not counting holidays, sick days, and so on). 10,000 stones…