The Minimum Cutting Technique For Gemstones

rubellite - minimum cutting technique
The minimum cutting technique will help gem cutters get the largest gem possible out of a piece of rough. In this process, the impact of clarity and size on the value of the finished gem must be compared in order to determine whether to cut out inclusions. Some gems, like rubellite, are so commonly included it’s better to cut for size instead of cleanliness. “Rubellite scrollwork ring on my chubby little fingers” by Jessa and Mark Anderson is licensed under CC By 2.0

We gem cutters would like our gemstone rough to be so well shaped that we could just dop and facet it. Unfortunately, the majority of rough doesn’t come out of the ground that way. Most of what the Earth offers us has irregular shapes and inclusions. Decisions have to be made about how to cut each piece to deal with those conditions. Bad decisions can be …

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