What to consider when considering buying rough gemstones and how to decide what cutting technique is best.

Figuring Rough Cost

Jeff R Graham shares his opinions and thoughts on various topics on Just Ask Jeff. Figuring rough cost on Just Ask Jeff: How do I figure rough cost?

Pyrope Garnet - saturated rough gems
A Faceter's Guide To Dark Saturated Rough Gems

Can you turn dark saturated rough gems into facetable material? Learn how to pick the right cuts and heat treatments and, importantly, when to just say no.

Valuable Rough Gemstones

We explore how to make money purchasing and cutting valuable rough gemstones and we propose simple formulas that help you make smart buys.

Perspective on the Gem Rough Market

Jeff R Graham shares his opinions on the gem rough market. Read more on some very important perspective to be aware of on the gem industry.

Supply of Gemstones and Rough

Jeff R Graham shares his opinions on various topics on Just Ask Jeff. See what his answers are to How does the supply of gemstones and rough actually work?

Cut Stones Cost

Jeff R Graham shares his opinions on various topics in Just Ask Jeff. See his answers to Why is some rough stone like Topaz the same cost of cut stones?

African Paraiba Rough - 30.44 carats
A Look At African Paraiba Tourmaline Rough

Telling African paraiba from Brazilian paraiba tourmalines is difficult. This gallery showcases bright neon specimens from Nigeria and Mozambique.

Commercial and Rough Stone Prices

Jeff R Graham shares about commercial and rough stone prices. See his answers to Why does rough cost almost as much as commercially cut stones sometimes?

Customer Multiple Orders and Returns

Just Ask Jeff shares his frustrations on customer multiple orders and returns which is a common customer problems among rough dealers.

Tourmaline - Madagascar, rind and center, gem stress
A Faceter’s Guide to Rough Gem Stress

Gem stress can cause stones to break during faceting. Learn what techniques may reduce the odds of fracturing and how to spot problem rough before buying.

Profit Making from Rough Gems

Just Ask Jeff answers "Can I make money cutting that rough?". Profit making from rough gems is an important issue for all who want to facet and make money.

orienting rough gems - twinned chrysoberyl
Choosing and Orienting Rough Gemstones

Selecting and orienting rough gems can be challenging for new faceters. These tips can help you choose the right tools and resolve some common problems.

rubellite - minimum cutting technique
The Minimum Cutting Technique For Gemstones

The minimum cutting technique will help you get the largest gems possible from rough. Learn how to deal with internal and external problems in gemstones.

kunzite pendant - gemstone care guide
Gemstone Care Guide

Our gemstone care guide covers many popular gems. Learn how best to maintain your gemstone jewelry and what kinds of stresses and cleaning methods to avoid.

rough orientation - aquamarine rough
Gem Rough Orientation: Looking Beyond the Obvious Cut

Gem rough orientation isn't always simple. Sometimes the obvious cut may not be the best choice. Learn how orienting rough can affect gem yields and prices.

gem shape outlines - best gem yield
Getting the Best Gem Yield from a Crystal

Cutting crystals for the best gem yield is a critical skill for faceters. This walkthrough can help novices learn how to visualize the gems before cutting.

Siberite Tourmaline Material

Jeff R Graham shares his opinions and thoughts on various topics in Just Ask Jeff. See what his answers are to What does Siberite Tourmaline look like?

Aquamarine Color and Heat Treatment

There's more to aquamarine color than blue. Most natural stones start blue-green and are heated to blue. Learn the pros and cons of this treatment.

How To Identify Synthetic Rough In Gemstone Parcels

Telling synthetic rough from natural stones in a gem parcel can be challenging. These tips can help you find some telltale signs of lab-created material.

Oregon sunstone - stone sizes
What Faceted Stone Sizes Will Sell Best?

How can a custom gem faceter compete with commercial cutting houses? Learn how cut stone sizes, gem quality, and expert cutting can make a difference.

Buying Gemstones in Afghanistan: A Beginner's Guide

Considering buying gems in Afghanistan? Learn which Afghan gemstones to seek out, which to avoid, and prepare for a “buyer beware” experience.